Select projects I've worked on in the last few years.


Dicty Stock Center

Full-featured shopping web application. Catalog pages were built using custom hooks for list virtualization and infinite scrolling. I also designed and implemented dynamic product pages, built a form with a streamlined ordering process and set up page editing capabilities for authorized users. The entire app is backed up by unit tests and Cypress end-to-end testing.

Uses: Apollo Client, Material-UI, Slatejs, Formik, Cypress, TypeScript, React Styleguidist

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dictyBase Homepage

Web app to display main dictyBase content. This includes the homepage, information pages, widgets and downloads. The main feature is HTML5 page editing, as it uses a page editor I built using Slatejs. Authorized users are able to add and edit pages for any desired routes.

Uses: Apollo Client, Material-UI, Slatejs, TypeScript, React Styleguidist

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Gene Page

Web app to display genomic information. This has a tab-based display where each tab contains panels that display unique information about genes and their annotations.

Uses: Apollo Client, Material-UI, TypeScript

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Collection of React hooks used throughout dictyBase web applications. I wrote custom hooks for infinite scrolling, list virtualization, fetching data and for fetching refresh tokens.

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Page Editor

Reusable page editor built with Slatejs. It has full functionality, including basic markup, links, images, video embeds, lists, font color/size/family selections and tables. It can also convert pasted HTML directly into Slatejs content.

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GraphQL Server

GraphQL server built using gqlgen. This is connected to several microservices with Redis caching and authorization middleware.

Uses: gqlgen, Redis

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Authorization Server

gRPC service that acts as an authorization server for generating and validating JWTs.

Uses: gRPC, Protocol Buffer, Redis

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Side Projects

Personal Website

The very website you are reading right now. I wanted to create a simple but fun website to host my content. Next.js and Tailwind CSS had both caught my interest so this gave me a good reason to experiment with both.

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World Cup 2018 CLI

Node.js command line app for World Cup 2018 results and standings. I did this over a weekend to gain more experience building CLIs.

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